Valuing Each Moment

This chapter of life is about living fully today.

As the sands in the hourglass of my life become weighted more heavily at the bottom, I place less emphasis on the long game as I do the current moment. What value am I offering to others in my sphere–as well as gleaning for my own satiation–on this day, this hour, this minute?

Tomorrow is not promised.

What sweetness of early-morning peacefulness am I embracing right now, as this busy Monday emerges? Rather than delaying delight until tomorrow or the weekend, I take this new commitment seriously.

Arising at 4:45am, I imbibe in the early-morning quiet of my backyard, entranced by the sweet aura of the lights my husband lovingly strung across our stone patio. The swooshing of the palm trees as the sun stays tucked below the horizon calms before the chattering of clients demands my time and energy.

Moreover, the need to align becomes increasingly urgent, as I take action to weave a more peaceful life fabric: unsubscribing from newsletters and taking other actionable steps to steer away from content and conversations at odds with my values. Drawing lines in the sand with unscrupulous behaviors inconsistent with both personal and business beliefs.

Determining not to bow and bend to every whim of others but instead to enable the synchronicity of good work and meaningful life more fully.


2 thoughts on “Valuing Each Moment

  1. What an inspiration to read this on an early Monday morning. Wonderful way to start my week. Love you so much.

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