Conservative: Aversion to Change or Reverence to Our Values?

According to one online dictionary, the word, ‘conservative’ is defined as being “averse to change or innovation … “

The pomposity of these words as they strolled across my ‘word of the day’ screen saver recently further evidenced the decline of our culture.

Not only is conservatism unopposed to innovation, most conservatives I know are on the cutting edge of all things groundbreaking.

Many are entrepreneurs, inventors of products, investors in research and development and idea innovators that have sped productivity, improved performance and buoyed overall quality of life.

However, that for which we do have an aversion is change for the sake of change, change for the sake of perverting reality and change that dishonors or is irreverent to truth.

It is this daily drumbeat not only to be ‘prideful,’ but to be prideful about all things self regardless of the moral underpinning those actions, ideas and behaviors.

As I awaken this morning to the birdsong of summer, the gentle lighting peeking through puffy clouds and the whirring of the fan quietly stirring the balmy air, I hear and see hope. Hope of persons whose fortitude is not roiled by the raucous seas of moral decline, but instead who are rising above.

I hear and see fellow humans who delight in diligence, toil in truth and bask in behaviors becoming of conservative values.

I read stories of people standing their ground, voting for life, delighting in our Lord’s favor and being the light.

All this while advancing forward, with transformative ideas grounded in technologically, scientifically, mechanically or whatever areas of innovation that make their lives, their loved ones’ lives and all who seek truth better.

All while uplifting humanity in alignment with the unchanging truth that has girded us for centuries. Because the drumbeat of advancement does not mean the desecration of the past. The light of tomorrow does not dim the truths of yesterday.

by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

2 thoughts on “Conservative: Aversion to Change or Reverence to Our Values?

  1. I absolutely love this. It is absolutely spot on in every way. “The light of tomorrow does not dim the truths of yesterday.” Brilliant quote that I will use often.
    If there is anything we’ve learned recently, it is that those calling themselves “progressive” are anything but.

    1. Thank you so much, babe. You know how much your opinion on all things matters to me, but especially so regarding these impassioned posts.

      Our affection for the written word is mutual, and when you spotlight a specific ‘quote’ from my writings, my heart sings.

      Much love,

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