When you decide

Decisions are powerful.

My husband, Rob and I made a 30-day decision yesterday. It centers on our values – and on a particular activity underpinning our values. The resolve and solidarity we both expressed were palpable.

I’m excited and hopeful and calmed by our decision and the decisiveness girding it. There’s something about certainty and clarity and the peace that accompanies it. There’s a fluidity when “you know” you need and want a change. It’s like the balance of stress to strength shifts, and you suddenly feel more equipped and ready for whatever life has to throw at you.

In this particular instance, it’s about something we’ve decided to pause for the next 30 days, and perhaps into infinity. But for now, small steps – 30 days is achievable.

It’s about stopping one thing to begin anew with other goals and ultimately to buoy energy, health, attitude, productivity and possibility. It’s also about empowering our minds, our marriage and our relationships.

Perhaps in 30 days I’ll share the specifics, alongside a short success story, but for now I’ll share this hope and energy that stirs my heart on Monday morning. As birds chirp happy morning songs, and our water fountain pours possibility into daybreak, I think I’ll leave you with this:

Never give up on the power of your resolve to evolve. Decisions powered by action meet with the most glorious traction.

-Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

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