Sailing Forward With Renewed Vision and Hope

We have a hanging daybed in our backyard. It faces toward the serenity of our courtyard, where Rob and I meet for peace, coffee, early morning agenda-setting and evening wind-downs.

In a world of stress that at best, is intermittent and manageable, and at worst, knocks you off your axis, this go-to space has been immeasurably valuable and soothing.

But sometimes the winds that whip through our spheres require more than our routine respite.

During these past two weeks, for example, our resilience has been tested, and our solace-seeking has extended beyond this calming  courtyard into our friends and family network on whom we have relied for counsel, stability and encouragement.

Amid this encouragement have emerged shared stories that buoy us in solidarity. We’ve laughed, cried and consoled one another amid our angst and concerns.

While we find ourselves still a bit untethered, we are also encouraged and grateful as we navigate this storm — yet another in a series of such tumultuous interludes that intermittently line the roadways of life — less alone.

In the unity of shared stories and empathetic others, we are reminded  that it is often our common struggles that can clarify future vision and that can provide both comforting and healing.

It is in this sea of solidarity, that we sail forward with renewed vision and hope.

-by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter

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