In the Throes of Unfamiliar Seas

It is in the throes of unfamiliar seas, habits of change and growth are born.

Seeded by simple passion, newly sprung habits often are riddled with complexity and the complication of uncertainty. It is the clarification of the why, however, that compels us forward, even after the initial dopamine rush wanes.

I know for me and my household, where change has been afoot, contemplating the why has been essential in making new habits stick. What with evolving fitness goals, lifestyle undulations and work/life objectives these past several months (and years!), our collective desire to unfurl our motives has been crucial to ensuring the new habits stick.

A change rooted in isolation ultimately will wither without the ecosystem of internal collaboration. Whether amping up our fitness, earning a new certification, stopping bad eating habits, or writing a book, staying the course for the long haul requires a meaningful purpose underpinned by emotional, intellectual and physical harmony.

Growth and change also means refocusing energies while pausing toxic influences: digital noise, other people’s drama, negative news cycle loops, etc. Ratcheting down the volume enables room for a more optimistic energy, and reserves energy necessary for real battles.

While I haven’t always been successful at accomplishing such a pause, I would say that 2023 has enabled a fresh-slate perspective. Alongside my life partner and husband, I’ve been more successful this year than in the past of taking the helm of my personal ship to steer a better and more accountable course forward.

Liberating Growth Through Creative Writing

This includes carving time and energy for a relationship with my creative side.

In recent years, I’ve enjoyed a casual, yet inspired relationship with writing micropoetry. Dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of my poems can be found by googling the hashtag, #jbpmicropoetry. Inspiring my poetry is my full-time job and boutique business as a career storyteller. C-suite execs hire me to convert their jumble of thoughts + words into clarity–to cultivate their personal brands to invigorate entrepreneurial ventures and propel career storytelling goals.

Out of this day-in, day-out career writing rigor has emerged a fervency for poetic expression. This urge to wax poetic has liberated my feelings into rhythmic clarity across 100s of micro-poems illustrated with photographs of my husband’s and my life, along with our 18-lb Yorkie, Jolly Roger (may he rest in peace), on Padre Island, TX.

My husband has encouraged me to grow my vision by putting together a coffee-table book of these poems, many which are illustrated with images of our North Padre Island beach life. The book-building process began several months ago, and I’ve busily been gathering and categorizing various poems, from inspirational, to birthday messages to pet poetry to love poems and beyond.

In the midst of this growth process, I set up an Etsy shop, and while I like the overall look and feel, a certain awkwardness about the shop’s confines left me thirsty for more. So, I began exploring creating a standalone shop.

In the sea of uncertainty, I hired a WordPress expert, Kim Woodbridge to parachute in and calm the storms of change. She did brilliant work, not only quietening the winds, but also illuminating my vision in a way that exceeded expectations.

Results of our collaboration are found on this blog’s Home Page, as well as the Buy Inspirational Poetry! and Shop pages.

I’ve even started a @JBPMicropoetry YouTube Channel.

I invite you to check them out. Return as often as you like, as I’ll be refreshing poetry samples as frequently as possible.

Growing Roots of Sustainable Change

Change that is holistic, yet certain of its goals results in a more peaceful lifestyle–founded on possibility, even amid the disruptions and course corrections of life. The uncertain, crooked path I’m navigating to build this book as well as my custom poetry shop is girded by the clarity in my ultimate goal: create a framework in which my little poems may reside.

It’s compelled forward by personal intentions and fuel – take action, today, with that first step; followed by tomorrow’s next step; and so on and so forth.


My name is Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter. I write custom prose and poetry that express your feelings. Whether struggling with grief, or celebrating love, I weave illustrative stories buoyed by hope and joy.

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