Here are before and after pics of my weight loss + strength-gaining journey

Two years ago, I launched into a serious weight-loss and strength-gaining journey that led to a personal victory of sorts. Between April 2021 and April 2023, I shed 30 pounds and gained significant muscle. In fact, I celebrated my 30-lb. milestone just 2 weeks ago!

Here is a “Before” and “After.”

Words cannot properly express how happy I am to be in a different place, physically, emotionally and mentally than I was in the spring of 2021, and even those years leading up to it, as reflected in earlier photos.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my life then – we recently had purchased a house on N. Padre Island after having relocated a year prior from N. Texas. My business was thriving and my family were doing well.

But, I love my life now even more in a sanguine, contented, stronger and calmer way. Even amid the seas of loss, change and ambiguity, I’m able to maintain a sense of decorum and focused serenity that heretofore was more illusory and most definitely more intermittent.

The keys to my successful outcome have been simple consistency: eating healthier and less; working out 5-6 days/week; incorporating consistent strength training using dumbbells and bodyweight routines; and, cutting way back on things like alcohol.

I also have a husband who is similarly focused, encouraging and supportive, which is integral. He recently earned his Personal Trainer Certification from ISSA which is quite an incredible feat, and a lot of work.

I’m grateful to live and work in a community where walking, jogging, bike riding and a plethora of outdoor activities is commonplace. Who wouldn’t be inspired to be and do better with that in their line of sight?

I was further motivated by the fact that my late 50s body was starting to struggle with things like power walks on the beach. That right knee was not only uncooperative, but it also was in pain.

Moreover, I looked in the mirror and saw excess that was unnecessary and ill-defined.

The simplicity of the solution was just to do and be better. What is simple is not always easy, however, so it was, and still is a day-at-a-time process. Sometimes, hour-to-hour. Or even, minute-by-minute.

Bottom line: I’m grateful to have access to a healthy body and hopeful heart to continue on this path. Life has a way of disrupting our rhythms with painful storms, unplanned change and even beautiful surprises that can sometimes slow down progress, but even so, keeping an eye on the prize, and prioritizing our goals, makes them attainable.

Even so, we can live each moment in the hope of a better next moment. And if all goes well, we can pause occasionally, to embrace the now, having traversed successfully through hills and valleys and having reached another milestone goal.

Please keep scrolling for some additional Before and After images.


— After —

Thank you for taking a moment to celebrate a milestone with me.

My name is Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter. I write custom prose and poetry that express your feelings. Whether struggling with grief, or celebrating love, I weave illustrative stories buoyed by hope and joy.

Inspiring my poetry is my full-time job and boutique business as a career storyteller. C-suite execs hire me to convert their jumble of thoughts + words into clarity–to cultivate their personal brands to invigorate entrepreneurial ventures and propel corporate career storytelling goals.

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  1. Love you Jac! You are beautiful soul and congratulations on your transformation, you look utterly amazing!

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