Anchored in the moment

When Rob and I set off for our most recent weekend getaway, my thoughts were knotted up with frustration and consternation.

Unplanned work/life detours and uncertain valleys have taken me a bit by surprise.

I realize we are not the only ones experiencing this – it’s part of the human condition. However, it still can be startling and unsettling.

Thankfully, the bright light of hope makes its way back into the picture. It can be as simple as stepping away into a new scene for 24 hours. This is what Rob and I did over the weekend, when we took our 26-foot travel trailer RV to Lake Medina for an overnight respite.

Tucked into the trees of this Thousand Trails rustic mecca, our home for the weekend didn’t disappoint. We saw deer in abundance, imbibed in peaceful nature and just drank in the hope of today.

We were present in the moment, without the presence of our ‘back-home’ worries. And the bonus, we returned home with a new perspective.

Change is afoot in our lives – but isn’t change pretty much a constant, and always afoot in everyone’s lives? As humans, we always, always are navigating some sort of flux.

But, with action as our foothold, and a mindset that takes ownership of, and EMBRACES the hopeful details of the moment vs. dwelling on the past or future, optimism is buoyed.

That, and the beauty around us. Please join me in a photo journal of our past weekend’s adventures. I hope they inspire you just a little bit. Hope is on the horizon.

Deer begging for my Ruffles potato chips 🙂
This young buck is just chilling a few feet away from me.
Deer in abundance.
Deer just hanging out in our campground.
Peaceful morning in the woods.
Rob enjoying his morning coffee.
This cute little building is the laundry ‘house.’
Inside our inTech Terra RV – such a cozy home away from home.

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