My name is Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter. I write custom prose and poetry that express your feelings. Whether struggling with grief, or celebrating love, I weave illustrative stories buoyed by hope and joy.

Inspiring my poetry is my full-time job and boutique business as a career storyteller. C-suite execs hire me to convert their jumble of thoughts + words into clarity–to cultivate their personal brands to invigorate entrepreneurial ventures and propel career storytelling goals.

Out of this day-in, day-out career writing rigor has emerged a fervency for poetic expression. This urge to wax poetic has liberated my feelings into rhythmic clarity across 100s of micro-poems illustrated with photographs of my husband’s and my life, along with our 18-lb Yorkie, Jolly Roger (may he rest in peace), on Padre Island, TX.

Further exhilarating this poetic journey has been the generous and uplifting feedback from friends, family, clients and even people I’ve never met.

Not only am I grateful for the opportunity to share this journey through sharing and sales of my one-of-a-kind poetry, but I’m also available for hire as a commissioned poet. I can collaborate with you on your unique expression of love for your husband / wife / brother / sister / father / mother, etc.

I also pen custom poems as an expression of your grief, to inspire hope, to celebrate friendship, to honor your employees, and MUCH more.

It is my honor to underpin each poem with YOUR emotion in the moment.

What People Say

⭐️ Unbelievably beautiful! Your soul and ability to put such beautiful thoughts into poetry is amazing!

⭐️ Wow, Girl…you have NOOOOO idea how much I needed to read this today. You have an uncanny ability to put my thoughts and feelings into words.

⭐️ I LOVE this…hits home on so many levels. Thank you, Jacqui for your articulate words.

Let’s build something together.