How New Routines, Jolts of Adrenalin + Shedding Weight Has Invigorated My Work-Life Journey

A little over one year ago, frustrated with my unwieldy weight and a knee that ached from injury, and determined to age better, I grabbed ahold of the fitness reins and headed in a new direction. The gym quickly became a routine friend–a priority regardless of the demands of business and personal obligations. After all,Continue reading “How New Routines, Jolts of Adrenalin + Shedding Weight Has Invigorated My Work-Life Journey”

Book Review: Collaborating With the River of Life

While I’ve readily deployed a certain level of resilience and tenacity amid the storms of life and work, a continually tenacious attitude can be exhausting—not only to me but also to those in my sphere. Therefore, at this intersection of resilience and realization, I believe the opportunity for collaborative peace resides.

When you decide

Decisions are powerful. My husband, Rob and I made a 30-day decision yesterday. It centers on our values – and on a particular activity underpinning our values. The resolve and solidarity we both expressed were palpable. I’m excited and hopeful and calmed by our decision and the decisiveness girding it. There’s something about certainty andContinue reading “When you decide”

Book Review: Finding Truth and Beauty

I’m reading a new book, The Truth and Beauty: How the Lives and Works of England’s Greatest Poets Point the Way to a Deeper Understanding of the Words of Jesus, by Andrew Klavan. While listening to Klavan being interviewed on the topic, my soul felt immediately soothed, and my mind thirsted for more. So, IContinue reading “Book Review: Finding Truth and Beauty”

Adieu Sweet Ann

Oh Mom, I miss you something fierce,An advocate whose love did pierce,Through any doubts, through any lows,And seeds of confidence you sowed. Your words of wit and wisdom bloomed,And never could we then presume,What sentiments you would exhumeFrom deep within your thought-filled rooms. How easy it could have been to brood,But girding you we understoodWasContinue reading “Adieu Sweet Ann”