Abiding In Solemnity

We find ourselves so quietly,Abiding in solemnity,When all about the seas do rage,And talking heads they do engage,In autocratic fashion and,Demanding to be in-command,And all the world like sinking sand,Enabling their wicked plan, But brother know, and sister, too,It’s not about just me and you,It’s up to us to gird our loins,To strive for more,Continue reading “Abiding In Solemnity”

Sailing Forward With Renewed Vision and Hope

We have a hanging daybed in our backyard. It faces toward the serenity of our courtyard, where Rob and I meet for peace, coffee, early morning agenda-setting and evening wind-downs. In a world of stress that at best, is intermittent and manageable, and at worst, knocks you off your axis, this go-to space has beenContinue reading “Sailing Forward With Renewed Vision and Hope”