Here are before and after pics of my weight loss + strength-gaining journey

Two years ago, I launched into a serious weight-loss and strength-gaining journey that led to a personal victory of sorts. Between April 2021 and April 2023, I shed 30 pounds and gained significant muscle. In fact, I celebrated my 30-lb. milestone just 2 weeks ago! Here is a “Before” and “After.” Words cannot properly expressContinue reading “Here are before and after pics of my weight loss + strength-gaining journey”

In the Throes of Unfamiliar Seas

It is in the throes of unfamiliar seas, habits of change and growth are born. Seeded by simple passion, newly sprung habits often are riddled with complexity and the complication of uncertainty. It is the clarification of the why, however, that compels us forward, even after the initial dopamine rush wanes. I know for meContinue reading “In the Throes of Unfamiliar Seas”

Book Review: Collaborating With the River of Life

While I’ve readily deployed a certain level of resilience and tenacity amid the storms of life and work, a continually tenacious attitude can be exhausting—not only to me but also to those in my sphere. Therefore, at this intersection of resilience and realization, I believe the opportunity for collaborative peace resides.