Here are before and after pics of my weight loss + strength-gaining journey

Two years ago, I launched into a serious weight-loss and strength-gaining journey that led to a personal victory of sorts. Between April 2021 and April 2023, I shed 30 pounds and gained significant muscle. In fact, I celebrated my 30-lb. milestone just 2 weeks ago! Here is a “Before” and “After.” Words cannot properly expressContinue reading “Here are before and after pics of my weight loss + strength-gaining journey”

Abiding In Solemnity

We find ourselves so quietly,Abiding in solemnity,When all about the seas do rage,And talking heads they do engage,In autocratic fashion and,Demanding to be in-command,And all the world like sinking sand,Enabling their wicked plan, But brother know, and sister, too,It’s not about just me and you,It’s up to us to gird our loins,To strive for more,Continue reading “Abiding In Solemnity”

When you decide

Decisions are powerful. My husband, Rob and I made a 30-day decision yesterday. It centers on our values – and on a particular activity underpinning our values. The resolve and solidarity we both expressed were palpable. I’m excited and hopeful and calmed by our decision and the decisiveness girding it. There’s something about certainty andContinue reading “When you decide”